Your Body

True Feminism

You were not born to disappear

The dieting, the suctioning, the cutting away, the restrictions placed on your body; these are ways that your culture wants you to minimize your presence. See beyond the requirements of beauty that your culture so forcefully wraps around you. Reject it so it won't destroy your right of self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love.

As your heart and soul expand, allow your body to expand as well.

It is your power that the world fears most.

Your beautiful body represents that power, so they use it to shame your self-perception. This separation from yourself cannot happen if you hope to find your place in this world. And for this, all of you is required. More of you is required.

Learning to live in your body peacefully release your energies for living, not disappearing.

Your life is no accident. It is blessed and sacred opportunity to be part of the collective presence we call, humanity.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 227 Page: 295


The longest relationship you will ever have is with “YOUR BODY”!
From birth to death it encompasses who you are:
What you have suffered
How you feel about yourself, and
How you connect to the world around you.

You are known by Your Body, first: Its appearance writes the first chapter of who -you -are.
Too many of us, however, get stuck there and become consumed by ‘how our body looks’. You
may lose inner peace worrying about your body being acceptable, impressionable and desirable.
Ninety five percent of persons unhappy with their bodies are female and their self-loathing
begins as young as thirteen. This trend of self-loathing is NOT innately female, it is all cultural!

Culture teaches women AND men:

  • If we’re not thin, we’re not acceptable!
  • If we’re not young and innocent, we’re not impressionable!
  • If we believe we’re flawed, we’re not desirable!

Allowing culture to interrupt your relationship with your body is an emotional suicide that can
undermine the peace and joy of being alive. If your body is the messenger, your soul is the author of who you are.

Allowing cultural messages to obstruct this fundamental union will endanger your mental health; therefore, resisting culture will ensure life’s messages will be heard, because the inner voice is empowered to silence the absurdity of gender.

Your Body is given to you as a sacred trust, follow-its-lead you must!
It will message-you from birth to death about what’s earthy and divine
…running through your spine.

This month’s discussion will attempt to un-clutter the complexities of gender so you can enjoy the thrill of being with-your-body forever!

Kahlil Gibran writes so beautifully about YOU…

“The whole of creation exists within you,
and everything that is within you also
exists within creation…All things, the smallest and the largest, the lowest and
highest, are present in you as co-equals…
A single manifestation of yourself contains all of life…”

Topics will include: Uncovering the mysterious meanings of your body. What does your body need? How caring for your body is loving your life. What makes dieting NOT the making-of-your-body, but the killing-of-your-soul?
Defining the friendship your body offers you.
Let’s Talk,