Love Again

Love Again

love again

Will love come again, you wonder? Will there be a love so grand that your life can be whole again? Will that kind of love be your love?

Of course it can, because you are grand!

The romancing of your life is what you must learn. Others feel that this does not count, but they are wrong.

It is the only romance that makes you whole.

Other loves are supplemental, but loving your life is substantial. A moment of loss can be your moment of gain, because it forces you back to your core.

And there in your bridal chamber, you prepare yourself to love again, differently

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 174 Page:192



“Love changes everything” and for that reason we can’t talk enough or know enough about love! From our first remembrances of love, we recall the power it has over our lives. Parental love, friendship, romantic love… all make-up our love IQ. Not success, but persistence and resilience, determine how courageously we forge ahead in our pursuit of love. What’s important is not how many loves we’ve had but how determined we are to not live a loveless life.

Love is bigger than an act, romance, marriage or children… love is who you are! Love guides your thinking, your inter-personal relationships and it helps you survive loss. It forces you to keep learning when you think you’re right. Love gives you hope when everyone around you predicts doom. Love forces your feet forward when you’re petrified to love again! The creed-of-love embedded within you is what matters most because it binds the past and present, your emotions with beliefs, and for that reason, Don’t fear love, fear life without it!

Fiddler on the Roof gives us the most realistic and tender way to remember love. Tevye asks his wife, “Golde, do you love me?” After considering her 25 years of washing, cooking, and laboring beside her husband, Golde answers Tevye, “I suppose I do!” If love is at work in your life, like Tevye, you will love again and again, because it’s the only way you know to live!

The conversation in June will help you appreciate how love created who you are and how you will be remembered. Topics may include the way gender affects the way we love. What discourages us from love. How the fear of loving should be managed. What do failed loves mean?

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