Meaning of Food

Meaning of Food

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Food is much more than nutrition. It can serve as a comfort or a threat. It can be an escape or a substitute, an addiction or a blessing to yourself. Food can be a companion that fills your lonely moments. It can be the way you communicate how you feel.

There are hungers that food can satisfy and hungers that can interfere with your relationship with food. Whatever it is that hurts you, nags at you and holds you captive, has the power to complicate your relationship with food.

Because you are a feeder, your relationship with food is intense. Because you are a woman, your relationship with food is complicated. The meaning of food lies within you. To know what food does and does not mean to you, maybe the measure of your clarity.

When you are emotionally clear, confusions are less likely to distort your food relationship. When you are emotionally clear, enjoyments are realistic and satisfying. Every day you eat many times. Think about your anticipations, satisfactions and your achievements with food.

Let yourself be inspired by food and its symbolic richness that comes to you from the earth, the sea and the air.

The universe constantly collaborates to bless and sustain your life.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 299 Page: 317


meaning of food

To survive on this earth we need:

  • Oxygen
  • Food
  • Protection from the elements
  • Sleep

How we manage our survival will be influenced by how we feel about our life. In a very conscious way eating and drinking manifest how we value our health. Drinking can be food as surely as food is sustenance. Both are decisions that directly affect your body, mind, ability to concentrate and emotional well-being.

Food forces us to think about ourselves in a big way! Snack Food, Junk Food, Soul Food, Fun Food, Health Food, Organic Food, Gourmet Food… the choices keep expanding but food’s purpose is consistent: Food is the foundation of health! Though food has meaning in itself the meaning you give it will determine how it serves your body as a fortress of health, a temple of shame, or a dumping ground of abuse. Food blends your psychological past with present hungers. Many religions call this blending of past and present: communion.

Religions help us define the spiritual meaning of food. For Hindus, food provides a means to discover your true self. For Buddhists, food offers a path toward a liberated consciousness, moderation, and loving kindness. For Jews, food brings the innate holiness and wholesomeness of each moment to life. For Muslims food provides a means for surrendering to God’s will. Ultimately, the food you select creates the body you live in.

This month’s topics will include:

  • What makes food a spiritual experience?
  • What we eat indicates how we feel.
  • Naming the many purposes of food.
  • Using food to respect your existence.

Let’s talk ... as we Eat!


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