Religion is the servant of spirituality; the creation of humans.

Spirituality is the calling of God.

Religion's only responsibility is to help you connect your humanness to your Godliness. When you give religion too much ownership of your spirituality, you avoid your personal relationship with the divine, thereby causing that relationship to become a program or a foundation, rather than an experience.

Religion exists to bring us together with other spiritual people to celebrate the divine in a communal way. In the presence of others, our spiritual is validated and sacramental-ized.

Religion helps us to mobilize our resources to help the less fortunate, teach the young and nurse the sick.

Spirituality reminds us of why we need to be a part of humanity as we live our daily lives.

Spirituality can be enriched by religion, but to confuse their meaning is to avoid your highest purpose in life.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 144 Page: 162



Anthony de Mello tells the story of the little girl
who asks a boy, “Are you a Presbyterian?”
He answers, “No, we belong to another abomination.”

This is a great starting point for this month’s discussion of Religion!

Whether we love it or hate it, Religion evokes deep seated emotion in all of us.Perhaps we expect the ideals of Religion and religious people to exceed the humanity we all bear.

The skeptic says: People go to religious services and yet continue to pollute, remain greedy; believe in war, oppression and violence. They promote their own moral agendas at the expense of a world in trouble. This discussion is not in praise of Religion. It’s a call to clarify its ultimate purpose.

This story by Mark Link makes the ultimate purpose of religion perfectly clear:

A little girl was standing with her grandfather by an old-fashioned
open well. They had just lowered a bucket to draw some water to
drink. “Grandfather,” asked the little girl, “where does God live?”
The old man picked up the little girl and held her over the open
well. “Look down into the water,” he said, “and tell me what you
see.” “I see myself,” said the little girl. “That’s where God lives,”
said the old man. “God lives in you.”

Religion’s ultimate purpose is serving the profound realization that we are spiritual people. Call spirituality what you will, but blending ordinary circumstances with the holiness of our lives should be the mission of every Religion. It is painfully clear that when Religion separates the two (spirituality from religion), they become superficial and aimless.

This topic will challenge believers and non-believers to defend their beliefs or expand them. It is not this writer’s intention to shatter the security of your spirituality, but to help you appreciate how magnificent you are. The spiritual journey we each take effects the journey of all!

Topics will include: How the three main religions of the world are linked to each other. What makes Religion so powerful? What makes Religion so dangerous? How can Religion help us? Why Religion can be emotionally healthy.

Let’s talk!


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