Measure of Love

Measure of Love

Measure of Love

What is the measure of love?

Is silence the measure of love or endurance?

Is service the measure of love or gifts?

Is marriage the measure of love?

Is mothering the measure of love?

You work hard to define the measure of love for you and your children. Is it possible? Is it important?

The measure of love can only be calculated by the way you exist in your own soul. The measure of love is a peace you can return to and a freedom you can enjoy. The measure of love is being happy to be alive, being excited about participating in life's events. It is the love of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie or that feeling when the sun warms your body.

The measure of love how deliberately you love. It is admissions, apologies, kisses and hugs, your voice and your silence.

The measure of love is loving to love the best way possible until we draw our last breath.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 150 Page: 168


Measure of Love


"Abu Yazid made his periodic journey to purchase supplies at the
Bazaar in the city of Hamadhan -a distance of several hundred
miles. When he returned home, he discovered a colony of ants in
the cardamom seeds. He carefully packed the seeds up again and
walked back across the desert to the merchant from whom he had
bought them. His intent was not to exchange the seeds but to
return the ants to their home." Sufi Legend

Love demands our willingness to be loving. Magic doesn't make love…you do! Abu Yazid's instinctual decision to return the least of creatures to their natural home demonstrates how his love was guided by his values, character and willingness to be inconvenienced for the sake of love.

According to Erich Fromm's book the Art of Loving the characteristics of love are caring, respect and responsibility.

  • Caring is our willingness to be inconvenienced to fulfill a higher purpose. The person we love has a presence in our mind and heart. We care for them, because we want them to be a continual part of our lives.
  • Respect is seeing the uniqueness of the person we love. What makes different from all other people. We know their weaknesses, but love them anyway. Respect means we want their dreams to come true.
  • Responsibility is our willingness to respond to our lover's needs. It requires a generous and open heart. When we are willing to grow with them in every phase of a relationship, we are responsible.

Love is a power much greater than most of us realize. What is loved reveals its loveliness.

A discussion of love will never grow old, because, as long as we live, only the primacy of love can satisfy a hungry heart.

This month's discussion will include: How love heals. What's the difference between love and being loving? Why did Christ say the 'greatest of all gifts is love?' Do men need love as much as women? Why are men threatened by love? Why do women crave love?

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