When youawaken from the dark night socialization has cast around your life, the world will be new.

You will be proud to be a feminist and you will be grateful for the heroic feminists who achieved breakthroughs in equality.

You will grieve for the millions of women worldwide who were martyred because of their individualism.

You will cherish your career because it is the pathway to your personal development and financial security.

You will teach your sons and daughters how to kiss life because you have groun to kiss your own.

You will have fun without restraint, conflict without guilt and sex without shame.

You will actively shape the futures of your relationships by casting your opinions faithfully and asking for what you want.

You will choose partners carefully to determine their capacity to love faithfully.

You will bear children when you have negotiated their care with your life partner and prepared for the stress of giving birth.

You will encourage your husband's parenting because it enriched the lives of your children to have two care-giving parents.

You will listen without solutions.

You will love without an agenda and forgive without resentment.

You will protect your happiness and die when you are complete.

Everyone will remember you as a woman who loved her life.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 300 Page: 318



Awakening doesn't need your eyes to be open.
Awakening does need your mind to be curious…
Your heart to be receptive!
Your emotions to be involved to create meaning in your life!

Surviving serious illness, accidents, addiction, abuse or any event that threatens our lives can awaken us but should tragedy be our only motivation to see life in a new way? Couldn't awakening be a sign of our wisdom, maturity and spirituality? Couldn't it be an indication of our character and intelligence that wants to look deeply into life for new meanings? Humility flows from a heart that wants to know more.

A potter in ancient China was questioned by an admirer passing-by about his beautiful pots.

How are you able to form these vessels so they possess such convincing beauty?
Oh, answered the potter, you are looking at the mere outward shape. What I am
forming lies within. I am interested only in what remains after the pot has been broken.
(Centering by M.C. Richards)

An awakened person has better coping skills, deeper resilience, and stronger determination to learn because they're flexible enough to change. They don't blame others; instead they use their energies figuring out what life is trying to teach them. Yes, an awakened person is humble enough to know that what is going-on inside is the foundation of their truth.

Lenny Kravitz sings of the eternal qualities of awakening:

I am you and you are me
Why's that such a mystery?
If you want it you got to believe
Who are we? We're who we are
Riding on this great big star

We've got to stand up if we're gonna be free yeah
If you want it you got it
You just got to believe
Believe in yourself
'Cause it's all just a game
We just want to be loved
The Son of God is in our face
offering us eternal grace

Awakening is not a comfortable word for any of us. It may feel obsolete and out of touch with a our everyday lives...all the more reason awakening should be discussed. The topic for March will include: Why should you want to be awakened? How will awakening influence your psychological well-being? How should men be awakened? How should women be awakened? How are you participating in cultural awakening?

Let's wake-up together!


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