There are many ways to cultivate your holiness. You may pray daily, weekly or not at all. You may gather with others to ritualize the divine presence in your life. You may garden or cook, chant or meditate, talk or listen in the pursuit of holiness.

There is no perfect way to claim your holiness, there is only your way.

Whatever way you recall holiness, it must take you beyond the brokenness of others and the world around you. Holiness will remind you that we are all on a pilgrimage to maturity. Holiness makes you patient and forgiving because it recognizes the supremacy of love. We are awed by a holy person because they help us to believe in our own holiness.

There is so much about yourself that should inspire you. Recall that every cell in your miraculous body carried the complexities of your emotions, your health and your intelligence. On the head of a pin, millions of cells can be placed.

You are holiness incarnate. Holiness is not being better than anyone; it is being you in the most profound way.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 312 Page: 330



Our lives are filled with commonness, with ordinariness, and with repetition, with mundane earthiness, with everydayness.(Will Rogers)

Then how could we be holy?

For centuries we were taught to believe that 'holiness' is reserved for a chosen few...ordained minister...gurus...Rabbis...but not common folk, who were expected to sit and listen.

If we look to others for holiness, we miss the calling of our own wisdom. It may be easier for us to identify the lack of holiness, than to define its meaning. In our pursuit of holiness, we are told to visit holy places, perform holy rituals, or seek the counsel of holy people. Why is it difficult for us to recognize that holiness is within us? How did the spiritual dominance of a few overtake the spiritual faith of the multitude?

As I offer you my ideas about holiness, I want you to know that I don't believe my views are any more meaningful than your own. Holiness comes to me through a stream light threading every event of my life into a tapestry of self-revelation. From listening, surviving, contemplating, serving, and loving, I become known to myself. In this way I participate in my own redemption, which simply means, life becomes meaningful.

Because technology keeps us in touch with the unholiness of the world, it may be difficult to believe that holiness exists...in abundance!
Christ said: "Blessed are those who believe because theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Believing that your life is the resting place of a spiritual presence is what Christ was talking about.

The Greek word used in the New Testament, hagiazo is an active verb meaning I make holy. I don't become holy when I am loving, peaceful, compassion, patience, generous and live in a firm conviction to honesty. I have been made holy. My life of respect for all the living is the seed planted in me at birth.

I am called to "participate in the continuing creation of the world..."(Emil Antonucci)

“The world around us is changing rapidly "we need to pause often in our daily lives to reflect on what is important...the person who messages us, the letter received today, the beauty that is rushing past our car windows, the people we meet on the streets, the kiss we gave, the illness we are experiencing today... the stuff from our everyday lives deserve our attention so they can touch us so deeply that we believe in our own holiness."

As we enter the holy season of Christmas, this topic will invite you to change your notion of the sacred in you! We may be like shepherd wandering under a dark sky but as long as we are guided by our own inner light our destination will be reached. Topics this month will include: Definitions of holiness. How does believing in your own holiness help you survive the unholiness of the world? Is holiness about religion or spirituality? If I don't believe in God can I be holy?

Let's delve into the mystical topic to gain a greater appreciation of life and love!

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