Born to Live

Born to Live

You were not born to serve, you were born to live.

Give service as an expression of love so that you do not allow yourself to become so tired of serving that love becomes forgotten and you become lost and depleted

Love life enough to serve; love yourself enough to respect limitations. Rest when your body needs to stop.

Before offering to serve, think about your time, energy and other pressing obligations in your life. Service can be helping to manage a project rather than internalizing the responsibility for all of it.

Let your body tell the truth of your loving soul. It is then you will remember that service is the servant of love.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons To Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Reason: 22 Page: 40


If living were about breathing life would be so much easier!
If you are not dead you are alive.
If you're having a great time we say you're really living!

The Latin word vita basically means life but used metaphorically means vitality or liveliness. We are surrounded with ideas about how to live but the path to vitality is an inner transformation or discovery. Vitality takes more wisdom than intelligence. Scripture gives this advice:

To those who persevere in doing good, seeking to
do what is always praiseworthy and honorable,
God will give boundless vitality.
(Romans: 2:7)

Those who are motivated by natural desires will
discover that they wither away, but those who opt
for the spiritual life will discover boundless vitality.
(Galatians 6:8)

Depression deprives us of vitality and liveliness. It saps our energy making us feel old and unable to enjoy life. Children who watch the depression of their parents become depressed themselves. Psychological health, therefore, is an essential component of being alive.

We need to know as much as we can about being emotionally healthy
so we can live as completely as we can!

Psychotherapy is the art of healing emotions. If done correctly, it clears the way for Vitality and liveliness. We don't remember being born into life but we can determine how much we enjoy the privilege of being alive! Psychotherapy is the one and only approach that actually offers any real promise of physical healing.

Without healing our emotions, the stress of unresolved pain continues to plague our bodies setting off symptoms that make us feel less alive. Illness therefore, is humanity's great opportunity to find out what's in the way of your happiness. Illness can force you to learn how to live. When you are sick ask yourself this question: What is life trying to teach me about life?

This month's discussion can change your perspective of life so you can enjoy living.

Topics to be discussed:
What does it mean to live?
Why is living so difficult?
How can changing my attitude about life improve my ability to live?
Why is being fully alive the greatest legacy we offer those we love?

Let's encourage each other to release pain so we can enjoy life!
Let's talk.


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