Spiritual Self

Spiritual Self


There are many opportunities in life inviting you to use your spiritual-self in order to find meaning and peace. Hopefully, these meditations will help you to see connections with your spirituality wherever you are or whatever you are doing.

This supreme power of your humanness is waiting to be employed. Don't be shy; confidence comes to those who practice. It's no accident that I am writing this message to you and it's no accident that you are receiving it.

I am the light for you at this moment and you are the light for me.

The greatest romance we share is searching for the light together.

From: Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

Reason: 83  Page: 101

By: Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.



Because the material world consumes so much of our time and energy, it's difficult to remember "it is not by bread alone that we live." Research confirms over and over again that our Spiritual Self determines the course of our health, longevity, and happiness.

Have you ever wondered how wealthy people can be unhappy and poor people feel content? Over-committing ourselves to materialism can easily leave us hungry for meaning. Of course, it’s nice to have beautiful things, but they are unworthy of our spiritual values.

What is our Spiritual Self? It has nothing to do with religion or spiritual practices of any kind, which may honor your spirit, but they do not create your spirit. Your Spirit separates you from the rest of creation giving you the ability to:

    know and understand
    reflect and learn
    offend and forgive
    love and hate
    destroy and invent
    injure and recover

Each of us is a powerhouse of mystery we call our Spiritual Self. Its story is embedded in our personal lives. We learn who we are by understanding what has happened to us. Our spirit reconciles what it can accept and grieves what it couldn't control. Appreciating your Spiritual Self can be the romance of your life...on-going...and forever sacred!

To miss the holiness of your life is to leave behind your ultimate achievement. As we begin 2020, let's focus on what could make life better. Nothing can make your life better without a deep appreciation of how spiritual you are!

Topics will include: What is spirit? How can your Spirit Self change your life? Why is it so difficult for us to believe in the power of our Spirit Self? How religion confuses us about spirituality. Is there a connection between psychology and spirituality?

We can create a better world by being a deeper person!

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