How tightly woven is your sexuality?
It should be a reflection of who you are to yourself. Sexuality should remind
you to say “Yes!” when you mean it and “No!” when you don’t feel closeness.

Are you faithful to your sexuality in this way?

Like a grand design that invisibly directs your life, your sexuality is powerful, meaningful and integrative. It weaves together what your body wants: your emotional yearnings and personal identity. The tighter the weave, the more powerful and loved you are as woman and a lover.

Your sexuality belongs to you first and is shared with others when they are good for you, respectful of you, and grateful to know you.

Cherish your sexuality like the Goddesses of Old, who loved without judgment, who loved for fulfillment, who loved to be happy.

While with others, never abandon your sexuality, because it is with them that you can celebrate what you have created within yourself.

From: Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

Reason: 155 Page: 173

By: Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.



Sex... the most human and complex experience we share.
We want sex to mean love, but it doesn't have the power.
We want sex to complete us, but it fails to accomplish this task over time.
What shall we make of sex?

Because sexuality is infinitely more complex than sex, we have trouble
giving it the time it deserves. Driven by passion, we rush to be sexual
only to find out that, even good sex, can become a shallow experience!
So, what makes sex believable?

When sex becomes sexuality it has served its ultimate purpose?
(Playbook for Life)

How can sex become sexuality? A prescription for sexuality must include:
time to linger,
patience to solve conflicts,
shared experiences,
disclose the story of our lives, so we can be known.
Building an arsenal of meaning before we are sexual creates healthy sexuality.

We tend to respect what we know.  Sex becomes a union of passion and
adoration when we know our beloved deeply, making anger less important,
pushing the world far away, and we are forever changed.

What makes sex so complex is that it is personal and interpersonal
at the same time. So as we create our March discussion, be with yourself;
because your character is unveiled when you're with another sexually.

March topics will include: What is sexuality? How has media
contaminated sexuality? Creating guidelines for healthy sexuality?
How can married couples continue to build healthy sexuality?

Let's be honest about how important sexuality is, so we can give
it the time it serves!

Let's talk!