Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough

How much time do you spend trying to be better? Is that because you worry about not being good enough? How many times have you decided to start a new diet, exercise or food program?

When new efforts begin from a basic belief that you are not good enough, nothing works.

It is only from your loving heart that you can take care of your precious life.

Dieting because it’s good for you is different than dieting because you’re not good enough. Exercising because it’s good for your health is different than exercising because you’re not good enough.

Being your Self is being good enough. So enjoy the Self you are as you develop the Self you can be.

From an abundant heart, positive energy will emerge.

From: Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

Reason: 226 Page: 224

By: Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Not Good Enough

  • Why is it so hard to just feel good about yourself?
  • Why do we pardon ourselves for not being perfect?
  • Why do friends give us advice about how to be better when we confide in them?
  • Why are we shamed for making mistakes?

These types of questions are symptoms of an epidemic of chronic discontent throughout the world. From parent to religious institutions we just never seem to measure up!

It's no secret that industries flourish while promoting products and cosmetic adjustments to make us feel good about ourselves. If truth be told, feel frantic about acceptance from others because we feel flawed ourselves.

It's hard to admit that behind our persona is a fearful Self. The fear that we're not good enough can spoil our fun and make us hard to love.

Our parents and other adults who influence our childhood become the architects of our self-opinion. Their vengeance becomes our burden. We carry their wounds within as if they were our truth; and, without therapeutic intervention, it's difficult to appreciate our own goodness.

This all seems very grim, but it doesn't have to be that way; because the human spirit is renewable and beautifully resilient. We are all called to a personal rebellion that makes loving ourselves a continuous disposition no matter how many mistakes we make.

We are powerful lovers when we love who we are. Keeping that in mind enter this discussion with curiosity, because your happiness may be at stake. Let's defame the voices of doubt, so we can enjoy loving.  Self that is sacred!

Topics for this month's discussion include: 

  • How do institutions contribute to unhappiness?
  • Self-doubt can become self-annihilation.
  • Ridding yourself of doubt is preparing yourself for love.?
  • Self-doubt is a killer.

Let's talk!