This Moment

This Moment

This Moment

So many responsibilities are pulling on you. So many worries are flooding your awareness.

The welfare of those you love demands your life, your attention, your energy, time and presence. They confront only you. In this moment you feel overwhelmed. Everyone sees your preoccupation. You long to get away because this moment is not enough for you. You try to force this moment to belong to all the moments that will follow.

At times, this moment is hard to endure. You want it to end so you can reach that moment of anxiety. You dream of a moment when you can be completely present, completely at peace and completely satisfied.

Is there such a magical moment?

That moment is in you. It is the moment when you remember that no matter how powerful you are, you have only this moment in time.

Your magic can turn each moment into opportunities of peace by accepting your helplessness over the future and your commitment to the present.

The future will wait for you to arrive and transform it into a magical moment of peace.

From: Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

Reason: 287 Page: 305

By: Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

This Moment


We all know that life can change in a moment, but unless the change occurs we may lose the significance of a moment. Taking time for granted indicates we've lost our appreciation of being alive.

Two thousand years ago the poet Horace wrote Odes. In it, he uses the Latin phrase carpe diem which literally means pluck the day. Other translations are: seize the day or seize the moment. It was Horace's invitation to appreciate each moment. Of course, we won't consciously think of each moment; but we can live in a state of gratitude.

During the Christmas season, we celebrate the humble birth of Christ. Neither of his parents knew how their child would change the course of history. Neither of them knew that humanitys' understanding of life would change forever. They did as they were directed by God and the law. Their humble submission to God's directive to Mary is inspiring, because they didn't have to know the whole story in order to cooperate in the greatest story ever told.

God wants your life to be a great story as well, and it can be if you seize every moment with a loving disposition.

Celebrate the sacred moments of this month in a spiritual way so the Kingdom of God will live in you.

Topic will include: Why is carpe diem challenging to us? How you can be a carrier of God's Kingdom? What does it mean to live consciously?