An old Rabbi once said: “You can tell when the night has ended and the day has begun… when you can look at the face of every man or woman and see it is your sister or brother. Because if you cannot see this, it is still night.”

The light makes our differences disappear. It brings the world of women and men together so they can be friends and intimate partners. What a different world this would be without the divisiveness of gender.

The prejudices that men have about femininity and the prejudices that women have about masculinity keep them in separate worlds. It is time for a new world. Help build it by weeding out of your consciousness the prejudices created by gender socialization!

Each woman and man deserves to be known for who they are, and to be loved as a complete human being.

From: Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Reason: 63 Page: 81

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