I have had the honor of working with Ann Lewis for many years and in many capacities. I witnessed the conception of many of her incredible ideas and helped bring them to fruition. Along the way, Ann has earned my deepest admiration and respect. She has touched the lives of thousands of people through her profound work as a therapist, life coach, lecturer and the many wonderful facets of Women’s Journey and her books. Although the focus of her work seems generally geared towards women, it is incredibly impactful for men, as well! Whether from the stand point of helping men better understand the social forces that impact the women in their life or how to improve your ability to relate to women and others, her in-depth knowledge and wisdom can profoundly and positively change lives. I have learned so much about life in general and my own life from her! Listen very carefully as she speaks or writes… she is selflessly sharing the gifts of how to understand, heal and enjoy your life!

Douglas Murphy