Couples Therapy



COUPLES THERAPY can be the maker and saver of any relationship.

Because wanting to love doesn’t mean knowing how to love, couples can be enriched by facing each other in the safe environment couples therapy provides. You will learn how to speak constructively to each other so problems can be resolved. Couples learn to love each other deeply as they learn about each other personally.

The complexities of relationships are resolved through understanding, empathy, constructive use of anger and finally, acceptance. Most relationships suffer because of cultural differences couples may think are unavoidable.

  • COUPLES and SAME-SEX PRE-MARITAL THERAPY: For all couples preparing themselves for commitment pre-marital therapy teaches them the effectiveness of communication and clarity of boundaries by building a friendship that will become the foundation of a peaceful and functional relationship. It is the greatest investment in love any couple can make! Pre-marital therapy is preventative by being constructive.
  • HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES will face conflict because of the ‘man-woman divide’. Dual income couples may struggle over domestic responsibilities, childcare, financial management and a host of other topics. Realizing they are more alike than different will help them feel the power of negotiation and compromise.
  • SAME SEX COUPLES or TRANSGENDER COUPLES have distinctive transitional challenges that need the insightful guidance therapy can provide. Even though we have come a long way culturally toward acceptance, shame plagues these couples. Grieving years of hiding, bullying and fear must be a major focus. Coming out to and acceptance of their family is crucial to their well-being.

FRIENDSHIP is the hallmark of ALL successful couples. The therapy that Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D. provides is called: FRIENDSHIP BUILDING because without friendship couples become ‘intimate strangers.’


Infidelity is becoming a constant threat to couples who long for intimacy and rely on honesty. The temptation to fantasize a relationship rather than work on a relationship is made possible by technology. Infidelity is a heartbreaking experience that doesn't need to be the end of a relationship. Dr. Ann Lewis helps couples grow from a breach of trust to create a relationship they always dreamed of.

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