Individual Therapy



INDIVIDUAL THERAPY may be the greatest gift YOU give yourself. You become the most important person in the world to yourself and your therapist.

Whatever you want to resolve, understand, or heal can be done with the helpful listening and compassionate understanding of a professional. Because the human spirit is so resilient, your life can get a fresh start in psychotherapy.

You may identify the connection between your past childhood and your present adulthood. You may clarify the misunderstandings that are perpetuated in our culture about depression, anxiety, loss, sexual preferences, shame, relationships, and anger in its many forms. Your life can be made new with information, insight, and renewed resolve to self-correct patterns that sabotage your happiness.

Fundamentally, psychotherapy is an awakening that happens in an intimate, interpersonal relationship with your therapist. Your first expression of wisdom is acknowledging that life is better when it seeks guidance by taking the hand of another!

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