Family Therapy



FAMILY THERAPY The family is the constellation of our lives. We are born into ‘it’ and recreate ‘it’ as we mature. Each family is its own unique creation that depends on each of its members. The job of the therapist is to know and appreciate the uniqueness of each member so she can help them contribute to a functional, happy unit.

The 21st century family has changed and faces challenges that were not relevant in previous generations. Contemporary families may retain some of the traditions of their family of origin while at the same time creating styles of living their parents think are strange.

Contemporary families may be blended families or same-sex families. They may be tormented by addiction, mental illness or divorce adjustments. They are families in which both parents are employed, making the ‘mother’ a non-traditional parent who wants her children to have all the benefits of a stay-at-home mother; and, fathers who may cling to traditional standards. Parents want children to have a college education, then struggle to provide it.

The family is a mixture of dreams and realities that each member must face without expecting too much from each other. Family therapy provides a safe environment where truth can be told and where anger subsides so peace can be enjoyed.

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