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Me, Again

Me, Again is an invitation to every woman who wonders about the meaning of her life and longs for personal peace. The book will compassionately lead women on a journey to inner peace and self-liberation.

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Feminist men and Feminist women must come together for change. They will share a one-world ideal that is an essential component of peace and intimacy between them. We need to belong to the same world so that the world we live in will be a better reflections of our infinite possibilities.”

In her insightful book, psychotherapist Dr Ann Lewis offers a fresh look at the often invisible, yet always pervasive role, gender plays in the lives of women. Her understanding of the profound impact of “gendering” lights the way toward a new female reality-a reality based on self-referral and ...Read More

Medical Anthropologist, bestselling author of Better Bones,Better Body


Kiss Your Life

From the beginning of life, we instinctively know that we should kiss what we love. We kiss our hands, our feet, our toys and pets. We even become skilled at getting other important people to return those kisses. We crave kisses as the truest expression of love. We learn quickly that kissing says so much more than words can convey.

Kissing means:

  • I cherish you,
  • I need you,
  • I am part of you,
  • I am open to you, and
  • I can’t imagine my life without you.

So kissing with our mouths has always been the kind of kissing we understand and do most often. However, as we mature, kissing becomes more complicated. We never stop wanting to kiss, but we do so less often because we don’t know how to resolve the complications of kissing-moments.

This book will help you understand why your kisses may have been dismissed and will show you ways to Kiss Your Life! Again.

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You can enjoy a look inside Kiss Your Life! by downloading or listening to excerpts from the book. Consider it our treat to you to help you progress on your journey to inner peace and self-liberation.


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