Lectures & Presentations

All of our professionals are experienced lecturers and presenters. Guest speaking engagements and consultations are available upon request. Topics can include a variety of contemporary mental health issues or can be custom designed to meet your organization’s needs. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to address your group!

Sample of Lectures and Presentations given by Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

  1. Broward Community College - "The Evolution of Depression From Childhood through Adulthood"
  2. AAUW - "Women and Co-Dependency"
  3. Broward Women in Network - "Understanding Mother-Daughter Relationships"
  4. North Broward Hospital District - "Psycho-Social Disposition of Mother-To-Be"
  5. National Women’s Conference: Women Power/Personal Power - "Sexual Harassment a Cultural Epidemic"
  6. League of Women Voters - "Critical Issues Influencing Contemporary Women"
  7. Unitarian Church Sounding Board - "Sexual Harassment a Cultural Epidemic"
  8. Women in Network - "Sex Role Socialization (Gender Psychology)"
  9. Greenpeace Workshop (Full Day) - "Gender Socialization and Personality Formation"
  10. Public Health Nurses - "Depression Through the Life Stages"
  11. American Association of University Women - "Women and Codependency"
  12. Coral Springs Medical Center - "Stress Management for Health Professionals"
  13. Gold Coast Coda (Codependent Anon) - "I Deserve Respect! Examination of Self-Esteem"
  14. Broward County Commission – “Psychology of Sexual Harassment”
  15. Women Making A Difference - "How Do Women Make A Unique Difference?"
  16. Annual Ecumenical Conference of Mohawk Valley (Up-state New York) - "Building Community" (Full Day)
  17. Hamilton College - "Codependency and Individualization"
  18. "Are Men Really From Mars? Are Women Really From Venus?" - Whitesboro, New York
  19. Bread of Life/Whole Foods: “Women’s Journey, a Program for All Women”
  20. MCC: “Understanding the Father/Son Relationship”
  21. Archives Book Store, Ft. Lauderdale: “What is Gendering?”
  22. Borders Books East, Ft. Lauderdale: “Are Men Really from Mars? Are Women Really from Venus?”
  23. St. Paul’s Catholic Church: “How the Sacraments of Initiation Applied to Our Lives”
  24. Women’s History Month, Ft. Lauderdale: “Women’s Journey – Images of Women in Film”
  25. Renfrew Center, Coconut Creek: “Gendering and its Clinical Applications”
  26. 2001 Body, Mind & Spirit Expo, Broward Convention Center: “Are Men Really from Mars? Are Women Really from Venus?”
  27. Borders Books East – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – November 2001 -
    • a. “What Women Need To Know About Men and What Men Need To Know About Themselves”
  28. Saint Paul’s Catholic Church – Whitesboro, NY – November 2001 – “The Sacred Self”
  29. Carefree Community – Ft. Myers, FL – February 2003 – “Our Changing Sexuality is Reflected in our Changing Lives”
  30. National Association of Women Business Owners – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – July 2009 -
    • a. “Own a Business – Create a Nation.”
  31. General Electric – Melbourne, FL – 2010 – Understanding the Psychology of Women.
    • a. Women are not from Venus/Men are not from Mars!
  32. Women’s Club of Deerfield Beach – Deerfield Beach, FL – 2011 - Women facing a new and final frontier.
  33. Journey from Woundedness to Forgiveness workshop for couples.
  34. Deerfield Beach, FL - 2014

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