Sacred Anger

Your anger is sacred ground that protects your sacred self. It is a deeply personal emotion that is like no one eles's.

When your anger is honored, it tells you what you value. It tells you what you want. Anger takes you to what is hurting and, if you give it enough time, it will tell you how the hurt can be healed.

Anger makes changes that need to be made, breaks silences that need to be broken, demands the truth and wants the truth to be known to those you love.

Anger rights your life when you are out-of-balance or out-of-control. It cleanses your spirit like no other emotion. Your tears wash away the pretense, reinstate your inner-child, your inner-self and your inner woman.

Whether anger speaks in a loud or sotf voice, its presence is sacred ground because it protects your truest self.

Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 141 Page: 159


During childhood we are usually made to feel ashamed of our anger because it’s considered unbecoming and disrespectful. As adults we suppress our anger to avoid vulnerability and trouble. SO, believing that anger is sacred is a stretch! What logic could possibly transform this embarrassing emotion into a sacred event?

It is the honesty of anger that pulls us out of our complacency that challenges us the most. Anger wants us to tell our truth without censorship and shame. It doesn’t have to be a perfect truth…just our truth! It can be a fearful and immature truth; a painful or stubborn truth. It can be an uncertain or distrustful truth. Anger exposes us like a child who desperately wants to be fed.

Trusting the expression of anger will make us healthy because of the deep intimacy it creates with others who matter to us. If we avoid anger, we avoid our own becoming. The anger we fear should never be the anger we express, but rather the anger we repress. Withholding anger alienates us from others by giving birth to a host of other negative emotions and beliefs.

We must look deeply into this topic because the breakdown of relationships is usually NOT for lack of love but rather a lack of honesty about what angers us. This month we can remember sharing anger is:

  • building-trust
  • an expression-of-hope
  • a demonstration-of-commitment
  • an act-of-love.

The topic included in this month’s discussion will be: Clarifying anger from rage. Is anger ever shameful? How can anger build love when it feels so bad? Childhood anger creates adult sadness. Facing our anger is being fully alive.

Let’s talk!