Question what you believe. Understand what you feel.

Questioning what you believe is not living in continual uncertainty. It is being realistic enough to know that your life is always changing, as is the world around you.

Questioning what you know invites you to remain open minded enough to realize that your life is a never-ending story. In order not to miss a moment, you remain open to each new revelation. When you live this way, you will remain youthful enough to be excited about life, curious enough to be interested in everything, wise enough to know what is truly important and spiritual enough to make peace with your anger.

Your feelings, too, have a story of their own. From the moment you pass through your mother's birth canal, they have been a source of honesty. Before you could know, you were able to feel.

Indeed your feelings were your knowing. Don't ignore them, question them! Before all else mattered, and when all else has failed you, your feelings remain your greatest source of truth because they have mapped the journey of your life.

Question, not yourself, but those who question your personal authority!


Kiss Your Life... 365 Reasons to Love Who You Are

By: Ann Mody Lewis, Ph.D.

Reason: 301 Page: 319




The meaning and purpose of questioning changes over a lifetime. As a child it may have been seen as a sign of disrespect, insubordination or arrogance. We soon learn that not questioning is subservience or lack of individuation. This natural human response is not so simple and may be the difference between your emotional happiness and personal despair.

Civilizations depend on the power to question!

*When Jesus Christ questioned the premise of Judaic tradition, it gave birth to Christianity.

*Christopher Columbus questioned the scientific belief that the world was flat and that question led him to the discovery of the New World.

*Steve Jobs questioned the way we communicate. He built a computer for every day use.

*Women who were abused questioned the virtue of their silence and spoke out thus changing our consciousness.

Questioning can be the beginning of personal growth, social revolutions and personal transformations. It is the way we change everything!
Questioning ourselves continually is a sign of insecurity.
Never questioning ourselves is a sign of arrogance.
And though we never know the answers to questions, they must be asked or we stagnate in immaturity!

The great philosophers Socrates and Plato, believed that answers are discovered by asking questions, because thinking alone is a dead end.

Remember asking yourself:
Why were my parents unhappy with me?
Why did my lover leave me?
Why are my children disrespectful?
We naturally ask ourselves questions when we're troubled, but may never have realized how important those questions are.

Because questioning sets the stage for truth, this month's discussion may be more important than all others; because truth is the foundation of our reality.
Topics to be discussed will be: How does questioning lead us to self-discovery? Do men question themselves differently than women? Why questioning is threatening for a man but attractive for a woman? What questions haunt you throughout our lives? When does questioning empower us and when does it take our power away?

Without question, this will be a profound discussion!


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